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An Acro series is a connection of two or more acrobatic elements. An example of an Acro series is a Roundoff-Back Handspring-Back Tuck or a Front Handspring-Front Tuck. A Mixed series is a connection of two or more moves with at least one being an acrobatic element (Back Handspring, Cartwheel, Back Walkover, etc.) and the other(s) being a dance, jump or leap element (Full Turn, Ring leap, Tuck jump, etc.). An example is a Backhandspring-Tuck Jump or a Front walkover-split jump.
The deduction for spotting on Vault varies depending on where the spot occurred. If a coach spots on the front side or back side of vault and the judge feels he/she assisted in the performance of the Vault, it may void the Vault and be scored a 0. The exception to this rule is for Level 8 Gymnasts who would get a 1.0 deduction. If the coach spots on the Landing the resulting deduction is .5 off.
If a gymnast is scratching (not competing) an even but wishes to receive a score on other events she is supposed to salute the officials, touch the equipment then salute the officials again. This would show the judges that the athlete intends to compete other events and is not scratching the meet. This is not always done but is technically the proper procedure.
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